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The innovative or original products are products that have the support of preclinical and clinical studies that allow to conclude that it is safe and effective for the population.

The bioequivalent medicines (or therapeutic equivalent) are the pharmaceutical products that have been proven as an alternate for the original product, by doing bio-equivalence studies to have the same efficacy and safety as the innovative products and therefore making them interchangeable.

ibuprofeno bioequivalencia 400mg, Ascend Laboratories

These studies are necessary because two drugs that have the same active ingredient but different formulations, either by the excipients used or by different manufacturing processes, may have different bioavailability. This means that the amount and speed with which the active ingredient is available in the body may not be adequate to produce the desired therapeutic effect.

Thus, bioequivalence is internationally accepted as an indirect parameter of clinical efficacy, since it has been established that the blood levels of the intact active ingredient or its active metabolite are proportional to the concentration reached at its site of action.

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